Sphere Finance v2 explained simple and why to invest in it

Sphere Finance v2

I have been surfing the world of DEFI full time for about 7 months, looking for projects that have enormous potential, with the intention of getting into it in the bud. Yes, because if it is true that digital assets can be an excellent investment in the future, it is also true that a part of the portfolio can be destined to contribute to new projects, which in the initial phase may seem excessively risky, due to the ponzynomic nature that characterizes not only the crypto world, but the world of investments in general.

If you think, for example, of the recent collapses of Netflix, Paypal, Alibaba, Shopify, and you look at the graphs, you will feel like you are facing what is called a shitcoin in the crypto world. Yet we are talking about companies of enormous depth. But they have the characteristic of being overvalued at the moment, so their price is in obvious correction.

The same thing can happen with a crypto, especially if it is as ambitious as Sphere, and especially if its project started just over a month ago.

The Sphere chart might look like that of an asset destined to go to zero, but the reality is that by its nature, which predicts an APY of 99.900%, it is also obvious that the investors who entered at launch are simply taking the their profits. Which identifies it at the moment, unlike its equity cousins ​​we talked about earlier, in one of the most undervalued assets of the moment.

Why enter now?

Simply because in this moment of great devaluation, we can buy it at a discount, and because in the next few days all the improvements foreseen by the V2 are about to arrive, long awaited by the over 30,000 investors already active in the project.

What does V2 consist of?

Let’s see what are the main innovations of version 2 of Sphere Finance and when they will be introduced. In a post on April 23, published in the official Discord channel, Sim, the leader of the project, summarized all the upcoming developments with their approximate release dates.

Binary Rebasing

Binary Rebasing is a technique to calculate all missing rebases and reproduce them all at once, in case the blockchain has caused an error. The rebases would be lost during this period, but now Binary Rebasing saves all the missing rebases and issues them all at once as if you were rebasing during the blockchain disruption!

Dynamic tax 2.0

Taxation will be improved thanks to the new Dynamic Control Logic, to discourage the excessive drop in the price during a strong sale performed by a Whale.


SPHERE is moving into its own DEX provided by Tetu. Tetu will manage the DEX so that the SPHERE team can work to expand the $ SPHERE ecosystem! They are working with DEX aggregators to improve routing for our users so that they have the best prices for buying and selling $ SPHERE in the entire ecosystem. This will allow TetuSwap to be accessible by the entire Polygon community, creating incentives to use TetuSwap as Polygon’s primary DEX. Any exchange of $ SPHERE will burn the tokens !! Addition of a new deflationary mechanism that will accelerate the horizon of events!

Quantum Liquidity

A revolutionary new utility coming with the DEX! It will take the cash pool and start farming with it! This is something totally new in all space. A YouTube video details how great Quantum Liquidity is (and how every other project that doesn’t use QLaaS is losing $$$!)!

These first 4 innovations have already been implemented and are already rolling, while the upcoming ones follow:

  1. Galaxy Marketplace (mid-May)
  2. Dystopia (late May)
  3. Penrose (end of May)
  4. DYSON v1 (early May)
  5. Quantum Liquidity as a Service (mid-May)
  6. $gSPHERE (end of May)
  7. 3 acquisitions of other DEFI platforms to accumulate their governance tokens in order to increase voting potential.

And we are only at the beginning!

The project, which aims to affirm as the Crypto S & P 500 is perfectly in line with its schedule and is keeping all the promises made to the huge Discord community.

In the next posts I will also explain the various functions better, but if you want to ask questions because you can’t understand something specific, I invite you to comment or write to the Discord server linked before, to get support from the many investors who frequent the community.

DYOR and always invest only what you are willing to lose. The world of investments is very complex and risky.

A hug

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