What is Quantum Liquidity as a Service (QLaaS)?


QLaaS, Quantum Liquidity as a Service, is the revolutionary compound interest method developed by Sphere Finance, which aims to enhance its own and other Tokens. Defined as a Service because it is made available to other projects, to mutually benefit from the increase in liquidity. The cover image is an effective synthesis.

How does it work

The substance of the method is that the pool created, in this case SPHERE / USDC, is constantly supplied with USDC coming from the revenue of the protocol that hosts it.

The increase in USDC, automatically and constantly, appreciates the value of Sphere regardless of the traders’ operations. This means that even in the absence of exchanges, both for sale and purchase, the price of Sphere increases, albeit imperceptibly instantly, but in a devastating way in the long term.

The QLaaS service, connects the projects that want to benefit from it, with TETUSwap, thanks to Sphere, which will generate the liquidity pool in Tetu, and will use the Fees coming from the various protocols, to increase the liquidity of the project. Project “X” increases its liquidity, Tetu has a new Pool, Sphere receives fees from both parties.

Sphere may decide to use the fees obtained in many ways, including reinvesting them in other financial instruments, Hold them, swap them into xTetu, to increase the size of the pool and consequently the derived fees, or Burn both the fees, to appreciate the value of the project, both that of Sphere.

The premises are extraordinary and in fact, since applied, the results have been appreciable right away.

Official Video

I am confident for the future and will keep you updated on all developments.

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